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Welcome to our Cattery

July/2011 - We have added Abyssinians to our Cattery.  

“If you have visited our site before please be sure to refresh each page you visit, especially the kitten page. We update our site often and we want to make sure you see the latest pictures!”

 Last updated April 7, 2012

Since last update ....

More deposits received on Upcoming Litters.

We have no available kittens ready to go right now.  

We are accepting deposits on upcoming litters.



We are very proud to say we are a Veterinarian certified

"Supreme Cattery of Excellence"

registered with the Traditional Cat Association.

We have been breeding Siamese since 1990, specializing in Traditional Siamese, also known as Applehead, Appleface, or Old-Style Siamese. In July, 2011 we added Abyssinians as our second breed.

Our cattery is located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

(Please click on all photos to enlarge the image)

Our Registry

Our cattery name, Larami Cattery, is registered with The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. (TCA, INC.) and The International Cat Association (TICA).

Our Siamese breeding stock and kittens are registered with TCA and all of our Abyssinians will be registered with TICA.



Our Cattery Goals

Our primary goal is to breed healthy, happy, intelligent cats with great personalities that want nothing more than to be an active member of your family.

We also believe in the importance of furthering the purebred, registered Traditional Siamese and will do all we can to promote the breed and the principles of  the T.C.A. which are “To Protect, Preserve, Perpetuate & Promote the Traditional Cat".

If you are considering adopting a kitten from us we insist that you read and agree to our kitten contract  When our babies leave our home they are happy, healthy, well adjusted and socialized kittens. We want them to stay that way and we will not allow you to take one of our babies home unless you agree to our terms.


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